Dashing Diva Magic Press Super Slim Fit Short 4 Types #06 Ice Cream

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Benefits: Dashing Diva Magic Press Super Slim Fit Short is dedicated for contemporary consumers who like finishing nail art form in simple and time-saving means. A thin and lightweight gel nail suggestion works on the nails comfortably. This particular high quality sequence features beautiful style patterns ranging from daily designs to designs that are preferred, enabling you to switch various nail designs easily. How to use: Tip application: 1. Make use of a wooden stick or maybe cuticle pusher to push back again cuticles. 2. Make use of the prep pad provided to remove excessive oil or maybe moisture on nails. 3. Choose the proper size of nail tip. 4. After tearing off the transparent film at the back, align the tab to cuticle and place it on. 5. Press the entire nail suggestion for 3 seconds and somewhat push from middle to end edges. 6. Utilize emery board to sharpen the nail suggestion or even put nail art form if necessary. Tip Removal: 1. Saturate the rubber stick with nail remover. 2. Get rid of the gel nail idea from the edge of the nail. 3. Make use of the rubber stick to take away the leftover sticker on the nails. 4. Finish with cuticle oil or perhaps serum.

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