Avocado Lip Care Set Holiday Edition 2 Pcs

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This Avocado Lip Care Set Holiday Edition contains: Avocado & Olive Lip Balm 12g Avocado & Sugar Lip Scrub 14g Avocado & Olive Lip Balm: A moisturizing balm with thick and rich balm surface to ease off dead skin cells on lips. Avocado Oil and Virgin Organic olive oil provides better moisturizing power for healthy-looking lips. Has Moistplus ingredients to keep your lips hydrated for many years. How to use: Apply a reasonable quantity on lips. Avocado & Sugar Lip Scrub: Gently exfoliates for sweetly-smooth lips together with the synergy of avocado and sugar. Hydrates lips that are dried up, and mildly eliminates old skin cells together with the micro specks for soft and smooth lips. Has Avocado Oil to maintain your lip moist without moisture loss. How to use: 1. Utilize a reasonable quantity on damp lips. 2. Gently massage and rinse with water after taking out the dead skin cells. 3. The lip remains moisturized with oil. If you prefer a fresh finish, you might cleanse it with purifying foam again. 4. After utilizing the scrub, apply avocado & Olive Lip Balm can produce a more healthy lips.

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